Alongside the event organisers, community ambassadors and a team of volunteers are our amazing sponsors.

Be sure to look them up, connect with them on social and don’t forget that you’ll be able to meet with them at the Marketplace during the event.

We’ve scheduled in lots of breaks so there is plenty of time for networking and visiting them all.

Speaker Tract Sponsors


SharinPix brings the power of image to Salesforce.

You can now enhance any Salesforce implementation with the ultimate image management app.

Even without writing a line of code, you can offer to your customers, field workers, agents, marketing team, community or any other Salesforce user the best of SharinPix picture’s features.


Demo Jam

Cirrus Insight 

Be free from CRM friction and wasted opportunities.

Reduce wasted opportunities by executing the right activity with the right people. From buyer signals to sales cadences, automated tools can help you close deals.