About Us

We are so excited to be launching the first ever Consultancy Dreamin’ in July 2021.

Consultancy Dreamin’ was created by a Salesforce certified consultant for anyone who already is or wants to be a Salesforce Consultant. Every presentation will be tailored to help you understand more about this role, check out if consultancy is for you, how consultancy skills can benefit you in any Salesforce position and the importance in your day-to-day job , as well as plenty of tips and advice from experts about getting the most out of a career as a Salesforce Consultant.

Since Covid hit last year and changed the way we work, socialise and interact everyone has had to adapt and change to this new normal. Being at home can feel isolating but by joining us online, you can still still connect with the community and learn without compromising your safety. Plus it’s budget friendly as you don’t need to spend lots on travel or accommodation. 

There's a Community!

Salesforce has an active and vibrant community of users that regularly meet to help and support each other. The aim is to bring people together to development relationships and share knowledge whilst having fun at the same time! This event is a supersized version of what you can expect from the smaller monthly groups. We’re proud that Consultancy Dreamin’ is one of many ways for the community to come together. To find out more about how you can get involved with a User Group near you visit the Trailblazer Community Groups.

Who is making this event happen?

Alongside the event organisers and community ambassadors are an amazing team of volunteers to help with everything from event and speaker support to promoting the event to their communities and networks. Be sure to look them up, connect with them on social and give them a big thumbs up for dedicating time to giving back to the Salesforce community. 

Event Organiser

Jennifer has over 15 years marketing & events experience across multiple sectors including IT, recruitment, financial services, education and defence & security. 

She joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2018 after having her first child and needing a more flexible marketing role, found Supermums and upskilled on their Admin course. She joined them as their Marketing & PR Manager at the beginning of 2020 and is still yet to meet her team in person due to COVID.

Event Sponsorship 

Becoming a mom of twins inspired her to leave her demanding corporate job to become a Certified Administrator and create a flexible and lucrative career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Chelyn is also a certified coach and has over 15 years of business development and leadership experience.

Better known to the twitterverse as @SalesforceAmy, is a 7x Certified.

Amy entered the technology space in 2015 after a successful 15 year Sales career. 

Amy loves public speaking, and has done so at various Salesforce user Groups, regional conferences including Midwest Dreamin, Southeast Dreamin, India Dreamin, Northeast Dreamin and Dreamforce, one of the largest tech conferences in the world. 

Connect with Amy across social or in the The Trailblazer Community

Eric is a connector and Salesforce Community Advocate. Working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2009, with experience across multiple industries including transportation, retail, life sciences and more.

Eric is the Founder of Midwest Dreamin’, one of the longest running and largest Salesforce Community Conferences in the United States. Eric was a Salesforce MVP from 2013-2019, & is now in the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.

Eric is the “Kevin Bacon” of the Salesforce Ecosystem. #EqualityForAll

Christine is the Salesforce Evangelist at Salesforce Ben.

She is a 4x certified Salesforce MVP, a regular speaker at Salesforce events, leads the Bristol Salesforce Admin group, and has a Salesforce blog “The Everyday Admin”.
Having mentored with Supermums, and as a seasoned Salesforce speaker, Christine is excited to be part of this new event and support the speakers as they deliver some amazing content.

Dodi help’s nonprofits as a freelance/contracted Salesforce Admin.

She also teaches Salesforce Admin certification skills and offers mentor support to those new to the Salesforce ecosystem – some who struggle in new consultant roles, others that I encourage to skill up on the nonprofit sector and the Nonprofit Cloud before attempting to gain experience by helping a nonprofit. 

Keir is a 30 year veteran of the IT industry, CTO of BrightGen, a Salesforce Platinum partner in the UK, working with Salesforce since late 2008.

He’s a certified Technical Architect, multi-year Salesforce MVP and speaker at Dreamforce, World Tour and previous London’s Calling events.

He is also a regular blogger on Salesforce related topics at the Bob Buzzard Blog.

Yvonne is a mum of two and a Junior Salesforce Admin in a jewellery manufacturing company.

I first encountered Salesforce and Trailhead in June 2019, before this I had a lengthy career in the hotel industry, managing large teams of people and creating great guest experiences daily. I have a passion for helping people be the best versions of themselves, and always love to bring a little positivity where I can. 

Emma is 6x Certified Salesforce Consultant, Founder of Hazledene Solutions focusing on Small/Medium enterprises and Non-Profits, and Supermums mentor.

The Salesforce ecosystem is all about support supporting one another and this event is a great opportunity for Salesforce Consultants (current and aspiring) to learn from some of the best.